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Proper Junkies

“Proper Junkies conjure vibrations of another world, one of unlucky angles and aspect ratios, future perfect myths and inky dead star trips. Patiently they wait for and welcome all to attend their sacral ceremony, a late night mystery vision from the other side of the unmarked door in your mind. Transmissions pour in from a realm where time melts and pools flat on shag carpet, an alien terrain of electric specters in mesh suits and bejeweled cowboy boots, of purple light beaming beneath doors at the end of motel halls and juke joint bathroom stalls. Words dose and douse the soul in prismatic elegy, a neon carwash of haunting overtones and melodies, gleaming in a sea of clustered beats and cosmic harmonics, all conspiring to tell a tale of inter-dimensional existence and the impossible longing that comes along with it. In the strangest and possibly most revealing moments, Proper Junkies smile and wryly wink at the insatiable insanity of being. They summon our own wild and secret experience under a blood moon dripping in the jaws of a windswept dragon, a free spirit that can never be contained or captured, only imagined and rarely manifested in the forgotten space between this reality and another.”

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